Many children enter the special education system as preschoolers, making it an ideal time to analyze and strengthen early childhood program and services.

ECA uses a mixed method data collection process to evaluate current early childhood special education systems and service delivery by…

  • Examining assessment tools and eligibility processes
  • Analyzing IEP development and implementation of functional goals
  • Assessing placement in the least restrictive environments

Using the latest research and guidance from the Departments of ED and HHS, and OSEP Child Outcomes; ECA has helped school districts with…

  • Continued quality improvement efforts for preschool classrooms with emphasis on supporting children with disabilities through enhanced access, participation, and supports
  • Reducing the amount of time children spend in substantially separate programs and pull out services

The expertise ECA brings to this process…

Linda Warren has a doctorate in Early Childhood and Special Education with a secondary focus on Educational Research. She has experience as a pupil personnel services director and a special education teacher. She taught in the Special Education Department at the University of Hawaii and Wheelock College. Other districts have benefited from her evaluations and recommendations.

Ann Ramminger was part of the UW Madison Waisman Center, a Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. She has coordinated statewide special education efforts and grants. Ann also has experience in developing collaborative relationships with community partners.

ECA Announces a New Partnership with Torsh TALENT

ECA Announces a New Partnership with Torsh TALENT

ECA’s new partnership with Torsh TALENT, a platform that combines observation, evaluation tools, and professional learning into one robust package enables our Team to leverage technology and to reshape early childhood special education program evaluations. As a result...


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