What a difference it can make when something is explained in a clear, concise way! Early Childhood Associates recently collaborated with the Child Development Division in the Vermont Department of Children and Families to develop Guidance Manuals for Group, Family, and Afterschool Program Licensing Regulations.

Vermont Guide

Vermont Center Based Guidance Manual

Helpful tips are included in the Guidance Manuals, such as what to expect on a licensing visit, how to read the Licensing Regulations, and appendices on what to report and what to post. The Guidance Manuals also features a “Closer Look” at specific licensing rules to clarify policies/practices, responsibilities, and resources. The Guidance Manuals can be accessed on the Vermont CDD website: http://dcf.vermont.gov/cdd/laws-regs/childcare

The Guidance Manual takes the regulations and breaks each into sections such as:

  • What is the purpose of these rules? and
  • What might this look like in your program?

Ann Ramminger, Linda Warren, Benita Danzing, and other ECA staff worked on these Guidance Manuals. ECA would be delighted to collaborate with you to produce quality Guidance Manuals for your State Licensing Regulations.

Does your state offer a resource like this? How useful is it to have guidance to accompany regulations?


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