How can I hope the educator see what I see- perspective taking?


While it is not always comfortable for us as coaches, I believe the first step should be self-reflection on current practice.  You can accomplish this by referring to the Guiding Change, Impacting Quality TA Guide.  Your situation may relate to 1.2-K1 and 1.2-K6; 1.2 – S1, 1.2-S3 and 1.2-S5, 1.2-S8 and 1.2 – S9.


If you feel that your relationship is a trusting one and you have reflected upon your own potential bias regarding the mentee and situation, it may be a matter of helping the mentee self-assess her practice.  Some strategies include asking the mentee to video tape herself and review for strengths and areas of growth.  I would suggest developing a checklist for her to use when she does this first review or perhaps for a second review.  The checklist should be founded of best practices in regard to the area of challenge.  Also, identify areas strength (see 1.2-S1 in the TA Guide) that could, perhaps be used to scaffold practice that is challenging.


When discussing the video viewing or practice, begin with asking the mentee questions or reflective statements that are open-ended and help her to reflect upon approaches, behaviors, and beliefs.  For example; Can you share why you did?, What were your goals for this child when…, What do you think about what happened?, What would you change?, What are you challenged with?, What areas do you feel that you need more support in?  and others that lead her to reflect.  Transformation of knowledge and behaviors needs to be an “ah ha” moment where the recipient has to feel unsettled (yes, uncomfortable) with what they believe is right, and then be open to change.  Change is another process that will be covered more fully in the next question.


What do you think? Would you give additional or different advice? Comment below!

Advice provided by:

Jody Figuerido, Ph.D.
President, The Institute for Education and Professional Development, Inc.


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