I am working with a program where the Director is actively seeking assistance for her program.  However, she has not kept most of our appointments. Once, I arrived to find that she wasn’t there and the next time, I called the day before to confirm and she canceled the next day, when I was supposed to come. What can I do?


This can be challenging!  It appears the Director wants and needs support but, perhaps is overwhelmed and needs assistance with setting priorities and organization.  You could try meeting (or phone call, initially!) to discuss this concern and setting goals/parameters for the coaching relationship together including jointly scheduling coaching sessions, determine parameters for cancellations. Decide together on a notification schedule, for example notify each other at least a few days in advance of any cancellation (unless there is an emergency, in that case make sure you both have cell phone numbers to reschedule). Set SMART goals for the coaching relationship.  A coaching “contract” that is developed and signed by both parties, would assist with this challenge.

What do you think? Would you give additional or different advice? Comment below!

Advice provided by:

Jody Figuerido, Ph.D.
President, The Institute for Education and Professional Development, Inc.


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