I am coaching a program and the Director asked me to observe a teacher and provide feedback to her without the Director present.  The Director shared that the employee doesn’t listen to her feedback. What should I do?


There appear to be several needs for coaching at this program.  The Director and administration might need assistance with supervision and communication with staff.  The first step may be discussion with the Director and others involved with supervision of staff.  This discussion could include sharing their current strengths in supporting and supervising staff as well as what challenges they encounter.  Setting SMART goals with the administration would support them in their overall growth.  Regular contact and support on attainment of these goals would be imperative. When the administration/Director and coach believe improvements have been made with supervision and relationships with staff, the next step would be to look at the overall program and begin focus on diving in deeper to determine program strengths and areas of growth.


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Advice provided by:

Jody Figuerido, Ph.D.
President, The Institute for Education and Professional Development, Inc.


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