Resource: Coaching Matters

Coaching Matters by Joellen Killion, Cindy Harrison, Chris Bryan and Heather Clifton (2012) Ohio, Oxford: Learning Forward.

This is an excellent resource for both new and seasoned coaches who are looking to strengthen their practice and for program leaders who want to create a coaching program and/or ensure that coaching is aligned with learning standards.  Covers individual and team coaching; characteristics of effective coaching and much more.  Includes downloadable resources and forms for example, TA agreements, evaluation protocols and keeping track of coaching interactions.

Other books on coaching that are work taking a look at include:

Coaching for Change by John Bennett and Mary Wayne Bush (2014) NY: Routledge Press: NY

A valuable guide to change management and organizational change coaching. A number of coaching and change models are explored and the section on cross cultural change skills add depth and richness to the role of coaches.


Coaching Tips for Sticky Situations, Teachstone e-book.

This ebook, one of a series on the CLASS Teachstone website, offers tips for encouraging teacher leadership, tools for building relationships with resistant teachers, and advice on how to avoid some common coaching pitfalls. Best of all, it is free to download!


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