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Data Days

ECA’s exciting and proprietary new program called Data Days, provides professional development on how to examine and interpret assessment data to inform instruction.

Data Days puts in place a structure for teachers to review, interpret and use progress monitoring data to improve and differentiate instruction in an ongoing way.

Data DaysData Days helps teachers to:

  • Analyze student assessment data and prioritize needs;
  • Use data to assess critical features of instruction, identify effective practices, structure content specific learning, plan more effectively, individualize and gather evidence of effectiveness
  • Create and track benchmarks to better understand instructional effectiveness.

Data Days™ is divided in 6 modules.


Module 1

Creating a Framework: Understanding Data and Its Role in the Process of Continuous Improvement
Sharing Experiences

  • Process of Data Driven Decision Making
  • Power of the Question-Purposes of Using Assessment Data
  • Gathering Evidence
  • Creating a Data Inventory
  • Multiple Data Sources
  • Data Quality
  • Pair Share Data Study Activity
  • Reflection & Application

Module 2

Laying the Groundwork: Analyzing Assessment Data

  • What the data are telling us
  • Reflective Inquiry
  • Dimensions of Instruction-Self Assessment
  • Problems of Practice
  • Analyzing Profile Data & Probable Causes of Student Performance
  • Reflection & Application

Module 3

Reflecting on Teaching and Learning

  • Sharing and Practicing Protocols
  • Digging into the Data: Presentation, Data Analysis Activity, Group Debrief

Module 4

Research Based Instructional Strategies to Improve Student Performance

  • Response to Intervention
  • Deciding on Instructional Strategies
  • Individual Classroom Case Study Analysis and Instructional Strategy Development
  • Reflection & Application

Module 5

Differentiated Instruction

  • Key Features of Differentiated Instruction
  • Using Individual Classroom Case Studies to Create Differentiated Instruction Action Plans
  • Round Table Discussions
  • Reflection and Application

Module 6

Tracking Progress

  • Tracking Progress Using Individual Classroom CBDM Data & Other Sources
  • Setting Goals and Benchmarks
  • Preparing Trend Lines
  • Using Decision Rules in Progress Monitoring
  • Application & Reflection


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