Early Childhood Associates

Program Evaluation

ECA supports programs to make data driven decisions and improve programs and student outcomes through comprehensive research and evaluation services.

Program assessment is an essential component to ensuring children are in high-quality programs.

Program assessment, including classroom-level measures of environmental quality and teacher child interactions, is an essential component to ensuring children are in high-quality programs. Ongoing program assessment reflects ECA’s philosophy that professional development promotes best practice if it is based on research, and is accessible, ongoing, and responsive to individual learning styles. The most successful Learning Community models combine distributed learning with face-to-face interaction, distance learning and on-line activities.

Data Driven Decision Making

Data driven decision making is a process for using assessment results to improve teaching and learning. ECA’s workshops on data driven decision making – Helping Teachers Use Assessment Data Services and Using Assessment to Inform Curriculum – provide teachers and education leaders with intensive learning opportunities and necessary tools for systematically collecting, organizing and analyzing multiple data sources to improve student performance.

We present strategies for linking assessment to instruction and for using assessment to improve student outcomes. Integrated into our work are the four essential elements of data driven instruction: multi-tiered model of service delivery; use of scientifically based materials and practices, integrated data collection and assessment systems, and a problem solving protocol.


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