Integrating High Quality Interactions (CLASS®) with Curriculum Implementation/Instructional Practices

The Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS®) is an increasingly popular evidence based tool for objectively identifying and assessing different dimensions of classroom interactions that make a difference in children’s learning.
While the CLASS® is curriculum and content-neutral and focuses exclusively on the quality of teaching interactions, teacher and child interactions occur in the context of implementing curriculum and ultimately it is up to the teacher to routinely engage in these interactions in the classroom.
This session presents a five part Curriculum Framework and a Planning Matrix for aligning CLASS® indicators of adult child interaction with classroom Routines and Key Instructional Activities. The session uses case studies to illustrate how Activity Plans can be built from the information presented in the Planning Matrix. Sample Activity Plan protocols for aligning CLASS® interactions with curriculum content, instructional activities, and classroom routines are provided. There are multiple opportunities to interact with colleagues and to practice using these one of a kind tools to make CLASS® a visible and routine part of a teacher’s instructional repertoire.

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