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Developing leadership capacity

Building capacity for engaging in evidence informed data driven decision making

Coaching to support program leaders, strengthen teacher practice, and improve outcomes for children

Advancement of Learning for the Enrichment of Lives

Advancement of Learning for the Enrichment of Lives

Based just outside of Boston, in the hub of research and innovation, Early Childhood Associates, Inc. (ECA) is a nationally recognized consulting firm dedicated to promoting the healthy growth and development of children, adolescents, and their families as well as the practitioners who support them.

ECA has impacted thousands of children, families and practitioners and administrators at every level of educational service. ECA is at the forefront of innovation and evolution in Birth-12 education, with innovative data driven decision-making facilitations, effective and powerful coaching and technical assistance, the creation of continual program improvement through meticulous program evaluation, and the important work of infusing community and families into the education of our children and youth.

Research & Development

Research & Evaluation

Program evaluation is not a cut-and-dried activity. Evaluation depends primarily on its purposes and audience; the nature of the program being evaluated; and the political and organizational context within which the evaluation is conducted. Ultimately, the goal is to use the evaluation results to guide conversations and foster deeper thinking around evidence-based decision making and program improvement.

Strong Workforce

Strong Workforce

Teachers’ and education leaders’ engagement with effective professional development (PD) is linked to classroom quality and improved child outcomes. The best PD provides practitioners with interrelated and continuous learning opportunities based on the science of child development. It builds leadership capacity to support continuous, collaborative model of learning.

Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Planning

It takes more than education to help kids be ready for school—they also need good health care; appropriate social and emotional development opportunities; strong support from their families and communities; and a well-qualified early childhood workforce. A well-developed, dynamic strategic plan guides an effective early learning system; uses evidence of change to adjust the plan in order to meet the plan’s short- to long-term benchmarks; and to inform policy and practices.

Policies & Procedures

Program Quality & Consultation

Creating high-quality learning environments requires skilled and committed leaders to help shape teaching. Effective teachers create stimulating early learning environments; engage in reflective practice; regular child assessment; and adopt curricula that make a difference in children’s development. Leadership is second only to teaching as an influence on learning. The high quality leadership is linked to improved student outcomes and educational equity.

Leadership Matters

What are the characteristics of great leadership in early education and care? At the Early Childhood Strategic Leadership Institute on June 14th sponsored by ECA and Wellesley College, we explored that question. Amy O’Leary, NAEYC President led the closing panel where...

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Guiding Early Education and Care Providers in Vermont

What a difference it can make when something is explained in a clear, concise way! Early Childhood Associates recently collaborated with the Child Development Division in the Vermont Department of Children and Families to develop Guidance Manuals for Group, Family,...

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Coaching Query #4: Be the change?

Query:  How can I help the administrator to be open to change and learn about how he/she can help the teacher? Advice: Change is not easy for most people.  It means our current behaviors, founded on deep beliefs from our own experiences, are not quite right or even...

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